Rice Bran Massage Oil WellTouch 
Rice bran oil has been used for centuries as a natural skin care product.
A gift of nature for the skin: rich in Vitamin E and many other anti-oxidants, nourishing and protecting the skin, keeping it soft and silky.
Rice bran oil is absorbed quickly, allowing for deep and smooth strokes.
  • excellent for all types of massage
  • ingredients: 100% pure and natural rice bran oil
Warning: possible fire hazard. Oily sheets when not completely washed out, can ignite in the clothes dryer. We recommend using special detergent for this purpose (e.g. wuwei Blau Laundry Detergent). Oil stains and smells in the sheets can also be avoided or reduced by using a special detergent, from the very first wash.
Available in:
  1 liter
17 liter
 Neutrale massageolie. geranium, lavendel, benzoë.

 Neutrale massageolie:
Basis 90% amandel en 10% jojobaolie met 2% zuivere etherische olie.

De olie is lang houdbaar.
Verkrijgbaar in de volgende hoeveelheden:
100 ml
250 ml
1 liter
2,5 liter
5 liter
10 liter
25 liter  

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