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Fasciarol Classic anthracite Vormstabiel  & drukvast Ø 15 x 45 cm
Pilates & Fascia Roll anthracite Short Firm & Robust Ø 15 x 45 cm
The short roll is an effective tool for pilates, fitness, rehabilitation and for maintaining general health and well-being.
It is small, easily transportable and can be used for many different exercises.
The Fascia Roll is an extremely useful tool for working on both muscles and fascia (the interconnected web of tissue which runs throughout the body). It can be used for self-massage, softening and freeing up the fascia and muscles on the legs, arms, back and gluteal areas.
Regular use helps release muscular tension and can help minimize aching, sore muscles after training.
Made of EVA foam, they are particularly robust, holding their shape even after many hours of use.
Product details:
EVA foam, closed-cell, hygienic, simply wipe clean
45 cm long,  ø 15 cm

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